Charlotte and Andrew are Italian-American, born-and-raised New Yorkers, who currently reside in Staten Island, New York. They have been dating for three years.

Andrew is a craft brew lover who has been homebrewing for two years. For Christmas ’07, Charlotte bought him a Mr. Beer basic homebrewing kit (as a goof) and I think it is safe to say his (and her) life changed. Andrew has come a long way from the beer-flavored seltzer that kit produced, and recently went all grain with his homebrew production. He was brewing a five-gallon batch every two weeks while he was extract brewing, and is sticking to that schedule for all grain.

Some facts about Andrew:
–His first all grain brew was a dark beer called Schwarzbier, which has a nice maple like residual sweetness, a light body, and is very drinkable. He really likes how it came out.
–His favorite homebrew so far was his porter.
–Andrew is a food lover too, and a bit of cook. He is known for his chili and beef jerky.
–At one time, he didn’t like sushi or sashimi, and was a bit scared of it. He now knows how to make it.
–He loves New York, but on a recent road trip out West, he left his heart in Portland, OR.
–This photo of him was taken at Rogue in Newport, OR.

Charlotte is a food lover. She’ll try anything, and is obsessed with Italian, Mediterranean and Japanese foods, not-too-dry white wines, and thanks to Andrew, beer too (though she still doesn’t love IPAs–we’re working on it).

Charlotte studied abroad in Viterbo, Italy during college, where her love for her heritage’s cuisine became an obsession. Since graduating, her interest in food has continued to grow, as she has taken to cooking more and more, and become interested in sustainable agriculture and the joys of local eating.

Some facts about Charlotte:
–She hasn’t cut herself (yet), but her knife skills could be considered somewhat questionable (she’s trying to perfect them).
–Charlotte also volunteers at a local farm in Tarrytown, New York.
–She spends a disproportionate amount of her paycheck on new foods, recipes, and trying different restaurants.
–She isn’t all about food. She loves the Yankees, Rangers and the Giants, too, and is a pop music and media buff.
–She LOVES to travel and is currently on a US traveling kick. Trips, local foods, and restaurants will be documented here too.
–This photo of her was taken at Pike’s Place Market in Seattle.

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