I often get asked the question, “What’s your favorite beer?” Anybody who knows beer knows how difficult it is to single out one beer as the favorite. Instead, I usually name my two favorite styles: Porters and Stouts. I just love really dark beers with a rich malt forward taste. This cloning attempt is of one of the best Porters, Fuller’s London Porter.

From the Jan-Feb ’09 issue of
Brew Your Own magazine

5 gallons, all grain
OG = 1.054
FG = 1.015
IBU = 30
SRM = 46
ABV = 5%

7.5lbs Halcyon pale malt (I substituted Maris Otter)
1.5 lbs Brown Malt
1 lb English crystal malt 75L
1.3 oz Fuggle hops (60 min)
.67 oz Fuggle hops (15 mins)
Wyeast 1968 or White Labs 002 yeast

Mash at 153 degrees for 60 minutes at a mash thickness of 1.3 qt./lb. Boil for 60 minutes. Ferment at 62 degrees.

I’ve had good results with most beers by making a large yeast starter before hand. In lieu of not having a large enough erlenmeyer flask for a half-gallon starter, I’ve improvised by using a Whole Foods carboy.


Sweet Wort

Hop Plugs

This session turned out great and I can’t wait for a side-by-side tasting in a few weeks. This coming weekend’s brew session will include a Dunkelweizen. I’ve already pitched the yeast starter, and came home yesterday to a discover that the krausen had built up so much inside the carboy that it managed to blow out the foam stopper and made a yeasty mess all over the place. (Luckily, the carboy didn’t break.) I added some Fermcap foam control so I don’t come home to that mess again. Those pictures will be in next week’s Dunkelweizen post.